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For small businesses with big goals

3-5 Page Website
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For businesses that need custom services

Unique Websites
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Managed Maintenance
Starting at $50

EasternTechs' Managed Maintenance package is your one-stop solution for domain hosting and regular website updates. We take care of the technical details, including domain selection and hosting, while also providing minor content or design changes as needed. This ensures your site remains current and engaging without the hassle. Trust EasternTechs with Managed Maintenance, and free yourself to focus on what truly matters - your business.


Step 1. Research

We begin by getting to know you and your company. What is your mission? What makes you different from others? This stage gathers all the relevant information that will get your company online.


Step 2. Prototype

You don't owe us anything yet. This is our chance to impress you. Based on the vision you gave us, we will create a demo for you. There won't be a next step until your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Step 3. Agreement

When the Demo is approved, we will send you legal documents so we're both protected. This is not a big, bad contract, it is just a price and service agreement.


Step 4. Development

Now time for you to relax and let us do all the work. During this stage we will finalize the designs for your website, logo, and business media. This is still a stage where you can make changes if you like, after all, this will not end until you get the end product you dream of.


Step 5. Launch

3..2..1.. Blast off. We will set up the configuration to get your site live and secure. You will receive all files and resources included in the contract..


Step 6. Support

Need some maintenance? want to update some prices? or want a support team for your web services. Look no further because we also offer to support your product after development. Contact us for more information.